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10 important questions to ask of your wedding venue.

Finding the right wedding venue is certain to be high on your list of priorities that need to be organised before the big day. For that reason, it’s a good idea to ask the right questions of potential locations before you make a firm commitment. To help you we’ve made a shortlist of 10 important things you’ll probably want to know.

1. Is the venue available on the date you want?

This is the first question to ask once you’ve set the date for your wedding. If you’ve got your eye on a particular venue with all of the right features going for it, other couples will probably have it on their list too. In which case it could become booked up early, so check availability for your chosen date with the venue as soon as possible.

2. Can you have the ceremony here too?

Not all venues that host wedding receptions are also licensed to host the wedding ceremony. If you choose a venue that provides both, make sure that it has suitable accommodation for the bride, groom and wedding party to change before the ceremony. 

3. Will there be ample room for all your guests?

This question might well be a deciding factor in your choice of wedding venue, so check early if the venue can seat all of the guests you anticipate will attend, especially if you’ve already made your wedding guest list. 

4. What’s included in the venue hire price?

When setting a wedding budget, it’s essential to know in advance not only that you’ll have everything you need on the day, but also that you won’t have to stump up later for any extras such as décor, florists, catering, facilities or a DJ. 

5. What catering facilities does the venue have? 

The standard of catering can make a big difference to the success of your special occasion, so this is yet another crucial factor to consider when choosing a venue. Learn in advance all you can about what kind of catering will be available. And don’t forget, if you’re holding an all-day event you will have to look into daytime and evening meal options for your guests.

6. What car parking provision is there?

This obviously depends on how many of your guests will be driving. Some of your guests could be travelling some distance, and will need to know there’s ample parking at the venue, and someone to receive guests after they’ve parked.

7. Is there a selection of rooms to cater for guests?

Wedding guests typically enjoy circulating and having the freedom offered by a selection of rooms in which to spread out. Make sure the venue you choose gives guests the opportunity to do this. 

8. What about ceremony rehearsal time?

Given that your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, you’ll want to be sure that every detail is just right and everything runs according to plan. With that in mind, your venue should allow you sufficient time to rehearse.

9. Is there nearby accommodation?

It’s important to do some research as part of your venue search to discover if there’s acceptable accommodation facilities nearby for yourself and your guests, and if it’s available to suit your wedding date.

10. Can you see the venue details before you visit?

Most wedding venues will have comprehensive online coverage of their location, facilities and details of what they have to offer. An excellent example of this being The Cooper Associates County Ground, certainly one of the most uniquely stunning venues in the Somerset and the South West.

With affordable packages starting at just £2000, and space to hold up to 350 guests with 4 venue options, this truly exceptional wedding venue has everything you need to make your big day one to remember forever.

Not only is this the ideal setting for your wedding reception, Cooper Associates County Ground also has a wedding license, so you can even have your ceremony with us too.

Additionally, our expert team will be on hand to take the stress out of your big day and allow you to truly be present and enjoy every moment. If you’re looking to book your wedding for 2023 and beyond, why not get in touch with our team and see how we can help to make your day one to remember.