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The big day is fast approaching. The wedding you have spent years dreaming of is finally in sight.

Everything is finalised and all your plans are in place…or are they? Here are the five most important things to remember when wedding planning to ensure your day is as special as it can possibly be.

1) Have a second set of eyes on your plan

    Although you have been meticulously planning your day for several months, sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to help notice things even you didn’t see.

    You should be able to enjoy preparing for your special day without the worry of forgetting something.

    Take some pressure off yourself, having someone around who you trust will help you have a clearer vision of the day during the planning process.

    2) Think twice about the date

    Naturally, you will have a preferred date in mind, but it is sometimes worth double checking with those closest to you that they can attend your proposed date.

    In some instances, it is common to have a reserve date in mind in the event there are any clashes with guest schedules.

    3) Allow extra-time, not everyone is as punctual you

    The reality is that things very rarely go to time on the big day.

    It may only be a delay of a couple minutes at the church, or at the reception, but that can have a big impact on the rest of the day.

    Therefore, it is worthwhile factoring in some extra-time around your celebrations, so that all is not lost in the event that a speech runs over or an evening bus runs behind.

    Working in a spare five or ten minutes across the day provides you with some wiggle room that you later might be grateful for.

    4) Prepare for the weather

    Whether you have planned a sun-soaked wedding during the height of Summer, or indeed a picturesque Autumnal ceremony, the visions in your head all rely on one factor…the weather!

    Ensure your venue has adequate indoor or covered seating areas, as well as perhaps sheltered areas outside just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

    5) Be methodical

    We all love ticking things off our to-do list.

    However, with so much going on during the planning phase, it is vital that you complete your tasks in-hand before you move onto the next job on the list.

    Start with the tasks that are more time consuming and work your way through your plans in a logistical and organised fashion.

    Although some more substantial things like venues and catering take more time, try not to leave things incomplete or half-finished.

    Getting jobs finalised in one hit not only saves time, but also gives you a wonderful sense of accomplishment.