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Start organising your Christmas party now with our top tips.

You’ve been tasked with organising the Christmas party. What do you do?

What you shouldn’t do is to imagine that because it’s July, Christmas is still months away and you have loads of time to spare. The fact is that it’s never too early to plan a Christmas party. So just relax and check out our list of top tips below for what makes a great Christmas Party. 

So, rule one: start planning early. Party planning takes time, and good Christmas party venues tend to get booked up early (a year in advance isn’t uncommon) so start now.

The kind of party you organise will determine the budget.

In the office or at a venue? (How much space will you be needing?) Staff only or with their spouses? Will that include clients and stakeholders too? These are just some of the considerations to be factored in before you can start planning.

Narrow things down to a date.

Remember: a lot of other parties are looking for a venue, so decide between a weekend and a weekday. People might prefer a day out of the office rather than giving up their weekend. An employee survey will help you here. 

Think sideways: Consider a January Christmas Party? It would mean cheaper venue prices and more availability. Include the idea in your survey.

Do the budgeting.

A lot turns on what’s available for you to spend. Your budget will determine the size and kind of venue you can afford and its location; the standard and quantity of the food and drink you can specify; the level and quality of the entertainment you can hire. What about a theme for the party? And then there’s the matter of seasonal decorations, party invites, transportation. And should you hire a party planner?

Think about food and drink.

Food and drink are by far the most important factors that will decide whether your party is merely OK, pretty good, or amazing.

The quality of what revellers have on their plate and in their glass is important of course, but so is ensuring that you have enough food and drink so you don’t run out of either while the party is still going.

This is why it’s vital to have a reliable and experienced caterer who’ll cover you against premature shortfalls.

A party theme.

A theme to build your party around will help colour your decision about what everyone eats and drinks, the kind of party decorations you’ll have, the style of the night’s entertainment, and perhaps even your choice of venue. Some fairly obvious seasonal themes are A Scrooge Party; an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party; a Christmas Character Party; a Christmas Carol-oke Party, or a Christmas Masquerade Ball. Or you could get really creative with something completely off the wall.


The entertainment for your Christmas party could be anything from a live band, a comedian, a singer, to jugglers, a ventriloquist, or whatever you can find within the constraints of your budget. 

Team building.

Corporate team building activities can really bring a Christmas party to life and get everyone mingling and socialising. And hey – it’s fun! Not only that, it can double as the evening’s entertainment, or work alongside it.

Dietary choices.

To ensure that everyone has a good time at the Christmas party and no one feels left out, it’s essential that you take personal dietary preferences into consideration. Lifestyle choices such as vegetarianism and veganism should be fully catered for with exciting menu options. On that same note, there should also be a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks on offer.

Organise transportation.

Office Christmas parties are famous for being pretty boozy affairs, and as the party’s organiser it makes sense to have provision in place for getting people home safely. You could consider organising a coach or min bus that takes everyone home at the same time, or arrange for taxis at the venue. You know it makes sense.  

Hire a party planner.

Yes, there is a great deal to think about as a Christmas party organiser, so you could consider hiring someone to plan the whole thing for you. Professional party planners are familiar with all the ins and outs of events like yours and can ensure that nothing important is overlooked.

Finding the right venue.

At The Cooper Associates County Ground we take great pride in hosting the very best Christmas Party Nights in the region. Celebrate in style and enjoy the Christmas party that you, your staff, your friends and colleagues deserve. Our friendly and helpful team can personalise your event or office Christmas party from the planning stages to the evening itself. From bespoke menus to DJs and decorations, we can help you deliver a truly memorable party.