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Whether you are looking to organise a large-scale event or an intimate private function, the Cooper Associates County Ground is the premier Conference & Events centre in Somerset. The venueโ€™s range of multi-purpose conferencing and function rooms are perfect for all requirements and all budgets. However, as technology evolves, our experienced Meetings & Events Team are able to help you create the perfect hybrid event.

We can help you to present your trade show, conference, seminar, workshop or meeting as a live, in-person event with a โ€˜virtualโ€™, digital or online component. Our digital expertise will enable you to create a similar experience for all attendees, whether they are at the venue in-person or logging on from home or work.

This high-quality interactive and live experience will ensure that everyone feels a part of your event whatever their location!

What are the advantages of hybrid events?

There are a number of benefits to staging a hybrid event in addition to the obvious element of engaging attendees both in person and online.

Increase your reach and attendance

Geography, location, transport problems and childcare issues are no longer a barrier to attending an event. You can be immersed within the event experience from home or on the train. Attendees or delegates from all over the globe can be included without having to jump on an aeroplane!

Reduce your environmental impact and travel costs

A reduction in the number of in-person attendees means a reduction in the number of cars travelling to and from your event. This in turn means less carbon emissions, a smaller carbon footprint and less impact on the environment.

Given the cost of living at the moment, prospective attendees will also welcome the reduction in travel costs. Why spend four hours on a gridlocked motorway when you can join an event from the comfort of your own office?

Increase your flexibility

Weโ€™ve seen it all in the last few years. Global pandemics, industrial action on public transport, teacher strikes and even adverse weather. All of these would have put a stop to your event in the past. Not so now!

A hybrid event means that you can still stage your event even if the majority of your attendees are unable to attend in person.

Meet the needs of your constantly evolving clients

Covid-19 has changed the way that many of us work forever. Since the pandemic, larger numbers of people are working remotely. The world is changing and we all need to evolve.

Our Digital Team successfully live streamed a Bradford’s Building Sustainable Communities event earlier this year.

The event, broadcast to over 300 people, featured over 200 delegates in the room and the series was designed to engage, inspire and inform about building for the future. 

Featuring 2 roaming cameras, picture in picture, a provided director and producer – the stream was a major success.

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