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In the dynamic world of business, choosing the right avenues for advertising and sponsorship is crucial.

Operating on a global scale, Somerset County Cricket Club can provide your business with exposure at the highest level.

With a 1.1 million strong fan base following the club across social media, Somerset CCC offers sponsors unrivalled visibility.

Your brand could be showcased across a plethora of club-owned and award-winning digital platforms, including televised matches, social media, and stadium advertisements.

Alternatively, your business could be displayed on selected playing shirts, the big screen or over signage around our ground that accumulates an attendance of over 100,000 per year.

This unique opportunity allows your company to tailor the advertisement and select what suits your business best.

Whether that is becoming a matchday sponsor and having your brand announced over the PA system, or becoming principal sponsor of the fan village with your company name used for any events held across the season, the choice is yours.

The exposure provided at Somerset CCC can significantly enhance brand recognition, reaching a diverse audience of new and existing customers.

With over 4.1 million page views on our website during 2023, your business can be guaranteed exposure across the year – including non-matchdays.   

If advertising on the biggest stage is something that is of interest to your business, please click here for more information.