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Corporate events play a crucial part of every successful business, with many companies using the opportunity to rejuvenate employees with a break from the monotony of everyday work life and improve their overall work satisfaction.

If nothing else, it allows staff to get to know one another on a more personal basis that cannot be achieved in a working environment.

So, what really are the benefits for all the bosses out there thinking of taking your team on a corporate away day, and ensure your staff are staying hired rather than fired!

Team bonding and motivation

Coming away from the office environment will have more of a positive effect than you might think.

Taking the team out of the office is designed to harness team morale, by working with colleagues to complete activities or challenges, employers can encourage the development of skills and behaviours necessary for achieving the organisation’s day-to-day goals.

Completing tasks together as a group, with or against fellow members of staff will manufacture a renewed vigour and motivation that is more than likely to transpire back into everyday working situations.

Improved communication

For the large majority of groups, a corporate away day enables employees to get away from their desktops and communicate face-to-face with one another.

When employees feel a positive relationship and affiliation with their peers, they are more motivated to take positive actions that contribute to the success of the business.

Socialising and friendships are considered important for career progression, with company away days serving as a perfect platform for fostering enhanced connections and improving in-person communication.

Skill and development training

Away days should not live up to the cliché idea of imposed fun with employees awkwardly looking around for the nearest exit door.

Not only should they be used as a way of instating some positivity amongst the team, but it is a fantastic opportunity to develop any skills that can be transferred into the workplace.

The practical and interactive nature of corporate away days ensures that employees are engaged and actively involved in their learning, leading to tangible skill improvements that can be applied in their day-to-day work.

Workshops, seminars and even presentations are great ways of helping employees develop new skills.

Enhanced employee wellbeing

Working for extended periods without a change in scenery or break can prove challenging.

There is pressure to hit targets, make deadlines on top of the daily demands that already have to be met – so it is vital once in a while you ease the stress on your staff.

Ultimately, without your employees feeling their best, you are unlikely to receive their best work, so it is vital that away days are considered to reinforce their well-being.

It is no surprise to learn that investing in employee well-being not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to its workforce but also contributes to higher employee satisfaction, reduced burnout, and increased productivity upon returning to work.

Gain honest feedback  

No matter how much you may learn about your team during your away day, it is a very good opportunity to receive some honest feedback.

With a generally relaxed environment, a day out of the office is the ideal chance to take on board some of your employee’s feedback on your business and your way of doing things.

 If your team feel better connected to each other, then they will feel a lot more confident to give honest feedback to their peers as well as receive it in a positive light.

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