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Every really great party is organised around a distinctive theme idea. It’s a foolproof way to get everyone involved and in top party mood, and all it takes is a bit of imagination and a few of the right touches to make your party really pop. So, if you’ve got an occasion coming up and are looking for inspiration, read on to check out our 10 suggestions.  

1. Wild West Theme

Yee-haw partner! You could really go wild with this one and have everyone dressing up as gunslingers. Spread a few fake cactus plants around and a bit of tumbleweed and you’re half way there. Of course, your drinks will be served from the wild west saloon, and your music will be the theme from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – or any of your favourite movie westerns.

2. Decades Theme – 70s/80s/90s

Here the party revolves around how we all dressed in ‘the old days’, the hairstyles we wore and the music we enjoyed dancing to. So, if you give party guests the option of dressing in gear from the decade, you’ll get an iconic style to your party. From flares and florals in the 70s, spandex and shoulder pads in the 80s and bucket hats and baby tees in the 90s – picking a decade gives your guests a plethora of options when it comes to dressing up.

3. Black and White Theme

This could be elegant yet understated, with all of the guests dressed in their finest black and white attire which makes this theme a more formal event – think evening gown and tuxedos. Now think again because you could also have guests dressing up as penguins or pandas. There could even be a sprinkling of vampires and mimes.

4. Casino/Vegas Theme

Get a casino table in for this one, giant dice and playing cards, and a croupier. Have a trio of spangly feathered showgirls doing their thing, huge potted palms and a slot machine. This is glitz and glitter, dramatic lighting, chandeliers and mirrors. Don’t forget the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign on the door. And doesn’t Vegas have its own Eiffel Tower and a pyramid? No problem.

5. Pirates Theme

Here’s a must as a party theme. For decorations think pirate galleons with skull & crossbones flags, treasure chests filled with gold, and desert island palm trees. Fancy dress for guests would be tricorn hats and pirate wigs, eye patches, fake parrots and stick-on beards and moustaches. Plus, cutlasses always go down well.

6. Gangsters & Molls Theme

It’s the Roaring Twenties and everyone is either a flapper girl or a gangster with a tommy gun in a violin case. It’s also prohibition so do your surroundings up as a speakeasy. That means low lighting, intimate tables and cutout pictures of skyscrapers at night. Hot jazzy music would also be appropriate.

7. Great Gatsby/1920s

This theme is not so different from the gangster one, but with more glamour and glitz, Charleston dancers, decadence, jazz and art deco details. Dress code for girls is flashy cocktail or flapper-inspired dress with a feathered or beaded headpiece, cloche hats, feather boas and glittering headbands. For guys it’s light coloured suits with a fedora or derby hat. Showcase The Great Gatsby movie on a big screen for the perfect backdrop.

8. Carnival Theme

For an authentic carnival theme, you’ll need sideshows in striped carnival booths, lots of flashing-coloured lights, balloons, coloured bunting and carnival signs pointing nowhere in particular. Typical carnival eats should be hot dogs, toffee apples, popcorn and burgers. For performers, why not hire a strongman or a fortune teller or even a juggler? Oh, and the odd clown wouldn’t go amiss.

9. Film Theme

Another theme idea with endless options. Choose a series – like James Bond, Marvel, Star Wars or whatever – or simply deck your space out with any movie posters, bric-a-brac and other items you can find that echo the movie world. Guests can then turn up dressed as whichever movie character they like. You’ll also need backdrops with scenes from famous pictures and a soundtrack with movie clips.

10. Sport Theme

The sky’s the limit here so you can go to town with a wide range of décor options and dressing up ideas – from football to motor racing, archery to ping pong. Divide your space into different sports corners. Have photos of sports stars and lots of props for added interactivity. Who knows, you may even bring out your guest’s competitive side!

Alternatively limit your decorations and dress theme to a small selection of sports, or even a single theme – cricket for instance. How easy would that be – especially when you hold your next event here at the Cooper Associates County Ground? Take things to the next level and hire our pitch to enjoy the unprecedented experience of playing on the same pitch that has been graced by cricket legends.

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