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With 2024 now underway, it is time to cast away any lingering Christmas wishes and look forward to the next landmark in the calendar; Burns Night.

The traditional Scottish celebration, held every year on January 25th, is the ideal chance to get together with some friends and start the new year in style.

Even if you haven’t had your own Burns night before, take at look some of these suggestions on how to make your evening a wee blast!

1) Burns Night Supper

The centrepiece of any good Burns evening is of course, the Burns Supper.

Traditionally, Haggis is served with ‘Neeps and Tatties’ – Haggis with Turnips and Potatoes to the rest of us!

It is also tradition for your guests to recite the original Burns poem as the Haggis enters the room.

To follow up your main course, Cranachan is a staple of the evening’s cuisine, with the creamy pudding flavoured with honey and whisky sure to impress your guests.

2) Authentic Attire

Another way to elevate the evening is by having your guests dress up in traditional Scottish attire.

Ladies would commonly wear a dress or a kilted skirt, whereas men would traditionally wear a kilt or a tartan suit to look the part.

This is by no means mandatory, but it always helps to give some guidance in advance.

3) Scotch Whisky Tasting

Burns night is also the ideal time to sample some classic Scottish Whisky.

Synonymous with Scotland, Whisky is the perfect way to round off your evening of entertainment.

Single Malt Whisky is a popular classic and one that is very popular in Scotland on night of the celebrations.

4) Burns Decorations

Perhaps the easiest way to make your guests feel at home during your Scottish themed celebrations is by decorating your party space.

Balloons, bunting, flags or table decorations – as much or as little as you fancy will all help brighten the room.

Not only does this add to the atmosphere that will be created, but it will help everyone feel they are in celebrating in Scotland!