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Corporate Events: What are corporate events and why they are essential for growth.

What are corporate events?

The clue, as the saying goes, is in the word corporate. Corporate events are gatherings or meetings organised by companies or businesses for a variety of purposes. Practically all corporate events are held to satisfy a business goal of some kind and are just different ways of achieving that goal.

The exceptions are events that are not organised around an obvious profit motive such as charitable rallies or events with a political agenda.

The benefits to be derived from your event will depend on what specific subject or activity the event is designed around. For instance, it might be an award ceremony or a gala dinner which at the same time provide an incentive to drive further employee effort, or as a motivational drive to encourage employee retention and loyalty.

Events can equally serve as an opportunity for the exchange of business ideas, as corporate announcements, or to promote products or services to potential customers.

The most common types of corporate event:


Usually just one day long, conferences are a popular event format uses for sharing information with an audience, and to educate and motivate delegates. Conferences are also a way of increasing collaboration, and often feature keynote speakers to engage an audience, and have breakout areas where attendees can focus on specific topics.

Trade Shows / Exhibitions

These centre around industry specific events where businesses rent a space within a larger area to exhibit and promote their products or services. This type of event is attended by other businesses where the exhibitors will have a stand displaying their wares, assisted by a sales representative who will engage visitors with promotional materials.

Awards / Gala Dinners

These are often one overall event where a business or group of businesses can reward and motivate employees, suppliers, resellers and customers by providing awards across several categories to recognise industry specific achievements. Businesses may also sponsor industry awards to promote themselves and increase brand awareness.

Incentive Programmes

Incentive programs are usually designed to communicate a sales message to employees and resellers. Usually linked to sales conference where the sales message and company ethos can be communicated to an audience, reminding them of the company’s goals and how they can help achieve them.

Launch Events

These are used by businesses to generate interest in, and raise the profile of, new products or services, and to develop the company’s product specific PR messages.

The company will invite a target audience – potential customers, the press, stakeholders, company employees – and combine an educational experience with a celebration.

AGM / Company Meetings

Typically, these are gatherings where key stakeholders, board members and shareholders meet to review and discuss a company’s business performance. These gatherings can also be an opportunity to celebrate business success, and to reward and thank shareholders.


Often used at such things as music concerts, sporting or other events where a business will provide some sponsorship and provide hospitality packages. This makes for good PR and offers opportunities for brand visibility. This is intended to build relationships with everyone involved.

Team Building

Good for employee engagement, these are built around providing company teams with challenges where they are inspired to work together to overcome obstacles or solve problems. These also provide the opportunity to entertain an external audience.

Corporate Events at The Cooper Associates County Ground

It goes without saying that the most successful events are designed to ensure that everything is in place to provide a positive and welcoming experience for everyone involved.

In this respect the Cooper Associates County Ground is an outstanding choice. From small, intimate private functions to large-scale events for over 600 people, our varied and versatile meeting rooms and event spaces make us the premier Conference & Events centre in Somerset.

Get in touch today to discuss your event requirements with one of our team.